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Bowl of dog food overflowing onto the floor.

What Should You Feed Your Puppy

   We believe that it is important for puppies to be fed a high-quality puppy food. We recommend that puppies be fed puppy chow until they are 9 to 12 months old or until they reach adult height. If you decide to switch up your puppy’s food, it’s best to do it over a few days so that you don’t cause your puppy any diarrhea or upset stomach.
    Dumont Goldens doesn’t sell or market any particular dog food brand. Most breeders do this because they make money off of their customers each time they buy dog food. We encourage our puppy buyers to do their own research and choose a food that you as an owner can trust and that your dog loves to eat. Our top picks for puppy food include: Victor Puppy Food, Taste Of The Wild Puppy Food and Natures Domain Puppy Food  
    Most puppy chow bags come with a chart that shows how much your puppy should eat based on their weight and age. You may need to give your puppy a bit more if they are always hungry and seem a bit thin. If they are getting overweight, you may have to give them less. Overfeeding your puppy is not healthy and will make it difficult to train them because they will need to go potty more often.

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