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Our Females

The dogs Listed on this page are the females in our breeding program.



Brazil is from our prized bloodline from Ziggy and Brighton! She has a beautiful golden coat with flowing feathering. She is an average sized golden at 60lbs.

Golden Retriever In the grass.


Brighton is a show dog at heart. She has a dense beautifully feathered blonde coat and is a specimen of the breed standard. Brighton is a calm but hearty dog who is ready to be by your side all day. 

Golden Retriever siting inside in front of a pillow.


Breeze Is the daughter of Ziggy and Brighton. She is a beautiful blonde color and is a specimen of the golden retriever breed. She weighs 65 lbs and has a gentle, calm personality.

Golden Retriever sitting on the grass.


Meet Tootsie! She is the daughter of Ziggy and Roma (one of our Retired Females). She is an average sized Golden weighing 60 lbs and has a beautifully feathered dark golden coat. She is a gentle affectionate dog who does well even around small children.   

Golden retriever sitting wearing a bandana.


Meet Mimi! She is a very intelligent dog with a outsized personality. Mimi is an average sized golden at 62 lbs. Mimi is a loved and loyal companion at the Dumont household.

Golden Retriever on a farm lane.


Sani has a Light golden coat and is a smaller Golden weighing in at around 50 lbs. She is the Daughter of Ziggy and Brighton and has been born and raised as part of the Dumont Family.



 Meet Zillie! She is an average sized Golden weighing 65 lbs. and has a medium golden colored coat. Zillie has a sociable outgoing personality. 

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